Who is a mama’s boy if a question would be asked? This is a man who is excessively Influenced  ,or attached to his mother .He can be called a sissy, weakling or coward. While society sees them as spoilt and irresponsible ,this kind of men have proved to be the best husbands ever ,believe me.
     According to research ,boys who have close relationship with their mother s  tend to make good husbands .Perception has always  been that such mums end up preventing their sons from growing up to be strong and independent men.
     Research shows that such men will observe their mothers well an will not become wimps but independent ,strong and empathetic spouses and partners .Mothers also take an integral role in developing  their son’s  masculinity.
   However ,there is closeness  that some boundaries are not considered  might spell doom for their present or future relationships to example in a marriage where the husband trusts his mother more than his wife that he confides everything in her .The mother picks up a role that to his wife if he is married. This kind of closeness is unhealthy for a man.    According  to  Dr Chris Hart ,a man should place his wife above his mother,otherwise there will be a destructive   contest between this two women.



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