Its just recently that I  had read  a joke somewhere that ,In Korea ,a 20 year old is a computer expert.In the USA ,a 20 year old is a celebrity musician ,in Japan a 20 year old is a doctor but  in Kenya  what a 20 year old can do is to be a mere whatsapp group admin – a serious joke of cause
         In reality a 20 year old Kenyan is a student in Second that is if he is in school .In Canada ,universities and colleges are working round the clock to produce the next Albert Einsteins.In Kenya ,nothing is to talk about
            Most Kenyan Universities  have forgotten that their core mandate is research and innovation .Little wonder a few weeks ago President Uhuru speaking at Zetech college graduation challenged universities to be bold and innovative to promote advancement  for vision 2030 .
         The president said universities should be dynamic in moulding a new  generation of Kenyans who have skills to take the country forward. He said the institutions should diversify the range of courses they offer .
         The President’s challenge  is spot on because we are yet to see our universities call a press conference announcing to Kenyans that there has been a breakthrough in research.
    The  standard



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