Despite the  ongoing chaos among comrades in several universities in the country ,the government has shown signs that university fee should  be increased.
     Commission for university education chief executive  Prof David Some said that an increase in university fee would enable them to stop relying on government grants
   Most  institutions are  raising money  through self sponsored students to stay afloat .He also  adds that students have been paying   sh 26000 a year since 1995 whereas secondary school students pay over sh 50000.
    Comrades all over the country have been protesting over fee increments .This has seen  a hard tag of war. between them. and their   various school administrations. For  example in Kaimosi Friends university  college -a constituent college of Masinde Muliro  university of science and technology where comrades after a long struggle  were forced to pay sh 36000 a year
          However   the burden falls on the. Parents who are also complaining why they children have to pay such a large amount of money 



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