As the rest of the world is  seeing a reduction in HIV ,its alarming in Kenya where a great number of teenagers are living with the virus.
         According to the National  AIDS  Control Council (NACC) research  ,Nairobi county has a mojaority of the number with a total of 49,949.Homabay comes second  with a total of 46,530 followed by Kisumu which has 37,110 and siaya at 33,810  while Marsabit has 450 and the least is wajir with 150 .
        According to the council 435,225 adolescents of age between 10-19 have tested positive while another  119899 have the virus .About 7,500 adolescents died last year due to delayed treatment, stigma and overbearing discrimination .
       The ministry of health is in the fore front to help curve out the situation before it worsens .To address new cases among children, President Kenyatta said  that  the ministry will place 130 000 children under (ART)-ante-retroviral therapy to reduce infant deaths. He also encouraged parents to instill good moral values in there children  ,bring the infected to medical centres without fear and co-operate  with the government in order to save the next generation
        The daily Nation ,Monday,sep ,2015 .pg48



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