Tamuya my love,
where are you ?
where is your fleshy body?
that brings forth taste and health ?
your melodious voice Tamuya,drives even the cherry silent with its ditty.
Your beauty my girl
does not come any close to
the peakcocks of Namibia.
You are like the pebbles
of the great ocean in world yonder,
that shine so bright a light,than the stars of the sky,
and yet still adamant,nay strong to their poignance.

Where are you Tamuya?
my mother in-laws daughter.
Oh ! So you left !
You left me dazed the other day,
for your mothers kitchen ,
I wonder,I wonder Tamuya,
everything is obscure to me.
You are very unfair,
we did not agree on our wedding day ,
that you would leave without warning,

Now look at me my love,
I am less than a rag,
skin sagged with empty sensations,
My eyes are red as delamare’s tomatoes,
My hands are weak and frail,
I am craving in this ramshacle we have for a house Tamuya,
I yearn a love,so deep the oceans would be jealous,
come back my beloved,
that we may fulfill the promise of the immortal one.
Come back Tamuya,because I love you.
I love you !
By Brian. Kibet Tarpei


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