Monday. Hearing this makes me sick.Here is another one.But this is no different. Mondays are always the same since I was a kid,actually before I was born-time immemorial.. Though I wasn’t there.


     I used to think that  mondays were  only bad for me but,when i found that for others it was  worse  things had to change.Take. for example a small  kid who was happy sucking its mothers milk from Friday to Sunday after its mama  came from job only for it to miss the milk and warmth on this Monday morning.Too bad.
    During my days in primary school.This was the day for assembly.It would be worse for those who don’t complete their assignments over the weekend for marking .At lunch time githeri wich was our common dish was served,making the day even more rugged.
    Not forgetting the work at the office on this day- monday. All research works have to be compiled and presented.It will sad for those who went partying the whole weekend  forgetting to  do one or two  things .
     This day  is really boring in school. My timetable reads  that I have to attend lectures the whole day .This means I have no time for chitchat ,(mushenee) with my pals ,I have no time to visit my favorite hangout spot – the school computer lab.Funny enough I find out that some pals have no classes this day ….I really curse  Monday.Can’t wait for a Tuesday ,hope it will be better off.Monday blues.


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