The Entire  staff of Kaimosi Friends University college on Friday woke up to disbelief when some strange news engulfed the Institution. Several foetus were retrieved   from the drainage system of a hostel in the institution by the school workers who requested to remain anonymous.This cumbersome  excersice took them up to three hours and they  retrieved  5  dead foetus ranging from 2 to 5 months

   This news that had spread like bushfire was a disbelief to many since its very young institution with only second years and first years.


        Cases of abortions have been  common news in  our institutions  more especially higher learning institutions. This is against the commandments of God for those who are Christians .This is also a crime punishable by death in some countries.
    Bigger universities have gone a step ahead to reduce cases of abortion by offering free  care to the expectant  students .For  Kenyatta University, they have set up  baby care for the babies given birth by students as they go on with their studies. This move has greatly reduced   the number of abortions among university students.   Another move taken Is to supply contraceptive to college students  and at the same time instill good values among students.
   At the moment no reports have been made concerning how  the debris of the foetus came to be found



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