Morning surprise .

‘Good morning my love’
Thats how I always give my dawn greetings to she that is dubbed ’till death do us part’
She jerks with a start beside me.
This new behaviour surprises me and I turn to see what the prick is all about.
Oops ! Kumbe !
I rub my audiovisual apparatus to be sure this isnt a dream or an illusion of some sort.
Everything is crystal clear,my consience tells me,it dawns on a desperate me that the unexpected happened.
Caro dangerously jumps out of the bed straight into the washroom.
She comes back almost immediately with a dazzled expression,disgust dissolved in fear is clearly seen on her face.
My mouth opens but all that comes out is a stupid mumble,all the words remain adamantly behind the larynx.

Caro picks up her dress and puts it on quickly but carefully as not to tear it,I guesse its expensive,ladies things you know.
This bitch has reduced me to a spectator in a naughty live play.
After all this,lipstick is not applied since there has been no showering.
She puts on red earings to match the red dress and she is pretty,thats a fact.
Purse in the right hand,Caro looks round the room as if enjoying the tension between us,all this time,my flesh and bones lie on the bed in an awkward position.
“I am gone niggah,but I promise you,you will pay for what you have done,” this she says with finality and vengeance.
“But Caro, it was  both our fault”.
She throws her hands in the air and I know it well,thats a womans way of saying she is not in for arguments.
A bang on the door almost alerts the security and makes my ears partially impaired.There she was,gone.
I recollect my dejected body to a sitting position,everything is at a standstill,there is some sort of stinking pain in my heart,this extends to my head and my eyes burst to tears to release the pain in form of water.

It is not until now that I confirm the saying,regrets always come later.
My wife whom I dearly love will never understand the whole thing.We have been married for four years now and our matrimonial life had been an exemplary one.How will I then explain this diaappointment,I cant stand the torture I will have to go through to make my wife understand me.
The forbiden drink can truely do wonders……… Brian tarpei



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