These are the wise words they do not tell you during orientation. You will not always be rich, well maybe for the very first semester only. Whether you are a beneficiary of HELB loans or not. There will be a time when you will be broke and you will have to go to class hungry and angry.

An MPESA message is the best text you will ever receive and the worst is ‘Your daily data bundles is almost finished’. Is that correct English I think Safaricom should have stuck to the ‘Your daily data bundle is below 2MB’

No matter how you look, people will always hit on you, it’s up to you to discern and see who is worth your precious time. If there is none that fits, the better, study and work on creating your own brand. Discover who you really are as a person. Get yourself out there and be who you are meant to be.

When the sun sets, be disciplined enough to be in your hostel or better yet, be in your room. Make it a rule to not allow a member of the opposite sex to come for ‘visits’ during the night. That’s how people get defiled and others get away with it.

Learn to cook. Lord knows how my ugali would have given you a stomachache of a lifetime but don’t worry I am getting there.

Budget! Please make a short list of how you are going to manage your filthy rich parents’ or your HELB money. I hope that will not include buying everyone a beer at that ka club that plays demeaning songs such as ‘leo nadandia tu kama mathree’ Do chics dance to that song If so, they are an embarrassment to our species.

A smartphone should be your best friend. You can work by using that phone. God knows I type my blog posts from my smartphone since they stole my laptop.

Just because you are in campus does not mean everyone’s brain is mature. Some people are simply book smart but their behavior is of course wanting. You will find that a whole engineering student has been caught cheating in an exam, stealing clothes on the lines, forming a gang that terrorizes students, peddling drugs, attending classes in a drunken state and my oh my! The list is endless.

Campus is where you create your own brand. For example, if you are a writer, you create your own blog, write as many articles as possible and eventually you will discover your niche and you will grow. People will then identify you as ‘nani’ who writes about ‘nini’.

There is so much free time in campus depending on what course you are taking, how you use that time says a lot about you, your present and it determines your future.

If you are a fresha, I hope campus treats you well and this article guides you. If you are an ‘elder’ as we call it in my campus I know you are reading this as you nod in agreement.
       Be wise and always remember to put God first because I may advice you on how to live in campus but without Him in your life, you will fall and fall hard!!
                                                                     By Winfrey wanjiru.Campus vibe magazine sponsored post.



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      Hehe hii …article ya huyu dem ni kali


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