Wasted resources,wasted energy ,wasted  money and above all wasting a comrades precious  time-i could have used sleeping or doing mushenee.This are the lamentations of  comrades at KAIMOSI UNIVERSITY
      I can remember  clearly .Last week ,the county government of VIHIGA held a talent search for miss tourism Kenya ,Tiriki East at KAIMOSI FRIENDS UNIVERSITY COLLEGE .The high octane event attracted  close to 400 people who filled the main hall . Designers and stylists from the university put their best touches on the participants.
      Being a manager to one of the participants I had to burn midnight oil and wax designing the creative wear.Little did I know that all this was in vain.
        The signs of some game being played started in the finals.One of the comrades tied in position 1.The judges then eliminated  her  intentionally by posing a hard question to her while the other one was given an easy question lemi say a walkover. This caused  jitters amongst the audience which was mainly made up  of comrades .It then dawned on me that the winner was a local  girl .A Tiriki. A resident of VIHIGA county.
     Well. To play their cards well. Three of our participants qualified to the next level.Yesterday they were called to Mago Guest house to undergo a weeklong training. Packed with belongings the three models moved out to the hotel.On arrival  what they saw is not explainable. Tribalism on the next level.
  Their names went missing .For heavens sake.With all the  luggage. The poor girls were turned away under unclear conditions. Later on what really dawned on me is that only participants who were luhyas were to be taken.And what of the wastage. I am yet to get answers to my questions. Justice should prevail.The comrades need an answer from VIHIGA county government.



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  1. winnie says:

    if tribalism ever kills Kenyans wat wud b awa aftalife? megatribalism i guess….its sad… its killing theatre

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      The three girls are shocked to date actually. I felt it for them


  2. Levin Prince says:

    It wasn’t much of that…the idea was for all the regions to be represented by the people who’s entirety is vested in them. Who is better suited to air a family than those in its household? At the end of the day, all the regions would be represented by endemic candidates and as such, cultural diversity at the peak of the event would be a fair representation so to speak. It really depends with how you look at it. Because at the next level, you will be representing the Tiriki Community on a regional and possibly national platform…how would it be if you have no idea what you are representing? I doubt it was tribalism; in fact, am sure it was not. It was all about who was better suited to represent the Tiriki zone….and had nothing to do with much of who was more appealing in appearance.



      But this guys. Can be taught….they can learn


  3. lydiachemutai says:

    If tribalsm could be avoided countrywide then it could be a better solution……too bad but all it could be a lesson


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