This is the plight of the girlchild .The position of the girl in our society today is compromised by the culture we have grown living  in.Africa is lagging behind in ensuring the girl child is given the opportunity to  explore the 21st century
      I grew up in town .The society is   all round .Its free of the cultural limitations. But this dint mean that the society is transformed. People are still tied to their ways
   I wrote this article to express what a schoolmate of mine is going through. I have no idea if  any youth will read this because I am writing specifically to address them .That matters less.
   Ester wanjohi is a victim of circumstance .She went through a normal  Kenyan society .A normal child brought up by her parents .
    She managed to qualify through the Kenyan system and now she is a second year at Kaimosi Friends University .
    Along the way .As destiny or fate is. She was in a family way .By the time  she reported .Her pregnancy was already matured .
    Now .Esther has a bouncing baby girl .An innocent infant. Full of life. Not even a week old. Esther is  lactating mother .She needs foods so as to provide milk for her child .The child must have a good starting in life because she is innocent.
   Now the rock has hit the hard place. Esther’s parents have gone missing .They are offline. I can’t talk about the whereabouts of the father of the little angel.
    The nearest hospital that has the maternity is a  private hospital. This adds salt to the open wound .How painful .This is Kenya .The currency is at stake. Privately running hospitals have to pay higher than their public counterparts
Her hospital bill is now over 1600 dollars .We have managed to talk to the Jumuiya hospital managers .They have stopped charging her more bills .Thanks to their understanding.
    I took this opportunity to highlight Esther’s state of affairs .currently the school administration is not involved and I don’t think it will involve itself in the matter
          This is what Esther is going through .She needs a helping hand .All she has left is depending on friends from the university. For the food ,the money for her daily needs.
        Comrades have so far shown interest in the matter. They are going around soliciting for funds in a drive dubbed #I stand  for esther campaign .This has been running for a week long.
     Esther I really stand up for you.The plight of the girl child.



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