People are said to be human but I don’t know if that is true because it comes to a point where the human nature departs them. They think selfishly forgetting others-which is a monster character. In counting people we cannot exclude family. The fact that you are bonded by blood doesn’t exclude them from being people.We hear of fathers defiling there own daughters, husbands killing there families and wives choping off there husband’s manhood.Many at times this ordeals are traumatic.


However most of this happenings come under some form of pressure.
But looking at all this from our own lives’ perspective. We act the way we act because of the experiences we have gone through. We should not forget its people who execute those experiences. Meaning they also went through their own experiences that made them act that way. This experiences continue hurting people so the big question is who is to blame for this continuous hurting experiences?


Seemingly anger has defeated the power of love,the bond of family and the spirit of unity.



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