This is probably one  the most simple articles so far in this blog.When I started writing some time back ,I dint have an idea if someone could really appreciate my work.That never crossed my sane mind.

     Being a youth in my early twenties ,I like spending most of my time surfing the internet fetching information from useful to the most useless.That’s what every youth is doing in my country-cant know those of yours.
      My Android phone  which is a year old gadget is one of the most precious things i own.Apart from my credit card.I spend most of my free time  online.That is how i push my day on.
       Now,back to my theme today.Its alarming that the reading cultre in Kenya is detoriating .The internet is  taking over. Many young people are not reading  books and literature. materials as the past generations,and that is dangerous.
       The number of Kenyans who maintain that culture is very low.One reason that has crossed my mind is that they are money oriented .Every Tom,Dick and a
Harry thinks of a way to increase his bank account in the easiest way possible. Peeps have no time to visit the Kenya National library centers.
  Back in schools and college the most one can read in a day is the daily newspaper which retails at  a third a dollar – which is Ofcourse hard raise mind you.So its only time to read  some material when one comes across an old newspaper wraping the butcher’s meat.Its not humour its true.
     This how serious the Internet is killing our reading our culture. I don’t mean its bad.It only has too much of stuff that will not improve some aspects in life.Ask me how.The only time the youth get is time to waste much of their precious money-provided by their parents to take Guarana,a drink favourite among Kenyan ladies.
   There comes the point on sponsors. Long ago in my days in elementary school,sponsors were only meant to support learning of poor or orphaned students .This has changed its meaning today.Sponsors are funding our little  innocent  looking ladies, sorry to say that.How the world overturns.Too bad.
Anyway my point tonight was not to attack anyone…….as point of correction. This is how our reading culture is detoriating. Think you can help change it??Let me see your reply here…. Goodnight



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