Fashion Tourism:How trends can be major tour makers

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Tourismode Kenya

IMG_3307.JPGIMG_3305.JPGMajority of people love to be trendy,elegant and quite distinct in what they wear.For young people today having yourself identified with the latest Louis Vuitton watch,Jordan Sneakers(commonly known as J’s) and for the ladies some cute doll shoes on your feet would do for that outdoor event;going by today’s standards that’s just okay(remember me talking about bell bottoms previously?)

Kenyan designers are just amazing in the way they are bringing the African feel in the fabric.Speaking in good faith still,we see a lot of Animal Print doing rounds in people’s closets,not to forget to mention the Ankara designs and the Tribal Wear.Particularly matching them with some good modern stuff,say denim or khaki brings out the best you can ever think of.Lacing the helm of your modern skirt with some nice Ankara creates a difference when you put on the suits you do,of course it brings an authoritative you mentioning without…

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