Just fresh from the  month of love  .I mean february. This one treated me with a little caution and care than the last one.I bet you can’t wait to hear what happened to me on the other  February


   Before I tell you that ,I  would like to know .Have you ever cried because of love??


I mean loving someone from the opposite sex.That affectionate love. OK give me answers later in the comments.
     If you really love someone  ,you can shed your tears  just because of love it’s possible trust me.Just recently I saw how guys and ladies treated their loved ones in campus .love is real.That day was one of a kind,ladies adorned in the best dresses ,blood red .Full of love in their faces with gentlemen on their sides going for a special treat of valentines day.
         This is  one aspect of campus love that is real.When joining campus,the young ladies and gentlemen are full of life, over- ambitious, naive and positive to enjoy every aspect of life.little do they know that life has just started
   If you meet the same kind of people  after four years,they will tell you that things are not what you think.First, there is this batch that believes in love ,soo much that they can do anything in the name of love.Yaani it’s real in them.Never do they want to hurt nor  do they want themselves  to be hurt.They give life everything. Name them from time,money to almost everything. However this are very few by fourth year.
There is this other batch that has the “experience.” They have had a taste of how bitter and sweet love is .They form the famous gang of team “mafisi.” They don’t care .love was erased from their dictionary in their lives.Never to come back again. They are just after sex.Some can go up to using their hard earned pocket money from parents to have some  certain people and maintain their lifestyle.They will be talking ill and slick if they fail to entice someone they want.
         I know valentines day either created hope in relationships or destroyed it .It’s either way.
        So those naive form four leavers just consult on how to do this “things” before you go to campus
   Look before you leap.That’s the motto or someone else will “look” for you.It will be painful.But if you believe in love just stick to that but if you don’t believe in it never make a mistake of believing in it.The results are not favourable. Don’t let the media houses report that you murdered   your  lover or things of the sort.i wish you a happy month ahead.Jah bless.


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  1. felicita says:

    Great .yes educative

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      Nice one….thanks so much


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