I just had nothing in mind when I sat down writing this small piece.Its long.Dear reader.I mean since we last last communicated.since my last  piece.Hope youre not locked up in some public cell too.Have been around  ,wandering. You know the world is a sphere And lots of stuff are happening here in my country Kenya . Those who are wondering where I went.I am back!!!! Ha-ha…I wish I had all your contacts I could say hi right now.
Now  for those who had missed my articles-( there are some who don’t miss them of course), I have been doing some research. No to be honest, some laziness took a better part of me . But equally I have some good things in stock for you.
The most important thing I wanted you to know is,I am focusing more on fashion. With time you’ll get the real thing am talking about.
Finally  I wish you a happy reading. Jah bless you.
Ohhhh!! I forgot I have not edited this piece so happy editing….lol…….


Let’s take a groupie…………….
Bye sweet reader


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