Last Week……..

Last week….

Niligive up on love

Nikamua kufocus on me

Nilirealise i spent less time with me

Nikajipeleka kucheza p.s

Nkawatch a movie na later on game ya Man U

Later in the night, I took a drink or two

And for the first time in a long time

I was Happy
Last week…

Niligive up on love

Nkaamua kufocus on music n poetry

Ata kama kalamu haikua willing kuandika

And as i sat down by the window in the dark- penless

I felt bars wriggling in my fingers

I could hear rap’s heavy footsteps in my mind

I was Happy
Last week…

Niligive up on love

I gave up on a  fo… four month old relationshit

Nkakumbuka mama had said chase dreams not ladies

Focus on your education get A’s and B’s

Instead, i  was giving out D’s

I had to change my game

I will be happy.
Last week…

Niligive up on Love

Ju manzi angu alinisho hatuwezi work out

She had alot on her mind she also said relationships hazikua priority kwake

What could i do, nlikubali…

So on a fateful night on a late night walk out

I met her in the dark with a guy holding hands getting all lovey dovey

I wanted the best for her and so

I was happy
Last week…

Niligive up on love

Nikadecide kucall back home kuwajulia hali


Mum was alone…she needed company

Someone to take her on shopping sprees

Surprise her on her birthday, mothers day and every other day

She needed someone to read her the bible 

She would be happy.
Last week…

Niligive up on Love

Niligive up on being in a relationship n being the only one in love

Niligive up kuchase on dreams zimetolewa speed governer

Niligive up kupeana love n kuget friendzone in return

Niligive up  kupenda mtu na anakuja kua kryptonite

Niligive up…

Iam Happy

And That’s all that matters.
poet  ©Brascoh


3 Comments Add yours

  1. nancy says:

    I love ur work keep it up





  2. Msawn Isaac says:

    Awesome piece of art…

    Liked by 1 person

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