Connect Me With My Roots

Place where dew never missed

Kids never stopped watching the human-like mist

A ground of past African stories

Stories of epics of Sundiata, great songs of the shona people

Now here in the West, they call it primitivity

Mama Africa, come for me, I need to be back to my roots
Take me to the olden days

Where beauty was in character, not miniskirts

Nor too many paints on the lips and eyes

Nor sleeping with thousands of men falsely telling you, “Mercy, you are beautiful”

Take me there where grandma wore a leopard skin 

But was a gazelle, an angel and a queen before the eyes of my grandfather

Please family, take me back to my roots.
Take me back to my roots

Where we had only one God , who set the laws of the land

He who created a woman as helper to man

But not a husband to a fellow woman

Man never a woman to another fellow man

Love and intimacy to opposite sex

Never Hector for Think Tank, Vaati for Joy!

Take me back to my roots where rules of morality were sacred
Take me back to my roots

Where ladies were taught by their mothers

On how to dress in public, dress while with me in the house, please me in dreams

They have missed the teachings, the only education they have is carnal education

Take me back to my roots where this system lives

I am unhappy living in the present while the good past is dead

Connect me with my roots

© poet….. Robert Onteri


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