What You Missed To Know About “Campo”

 Thia post is nonetheless my words but from one   WhatsApp group  I am an active member.I know most of my readers  may have come across it .The original writer must have been a campus lady like some of us.

 graduating from University is something that excites everyone*.

However,what most fail to realise is that there is more after school than just coming out with that paper.

*Below are 10 lessons we wish we knew before graduating from Uni*.

1. *Campus love only last as long as you are schooling*

I wish I knew that the batteries of most Chinese phones lasted longer than most campus relationships. You kill yourself over someone’s daughter for four [bad] years only for them to even forget your contact number when the reality of national service hardship sets in! Chai…

2. *Books over boys*

As a woman, I wish I had paid more attention to my books than playing the role of a premature wife! Time spent in washing his clothes could have been used in learning a skill or two. A girlfriend is not a wife.

3. *Volunteering over Telenovelas*

I wish I spent my vacation doing more voluntary work than just staying home idle watching soap operas. Volunteerism is skill development!.

4. *Brighter future over brighter skin*

As a woman, I wish I invested more in my skills than my skin. A bright skin doesn’t necessarily mean a bright future.

5. *Not judging a book by it’s cover,literally*

I wish I had read more books and not just their covers or titles. I wish I had read more newspapers and not just their headlines. The best travel experience is to read.

6. *Food is bae but knowledge is power*

I wish I developed my mind power … not just manpower. I wish I invested more into my mind than stomach. Indeed,mind power will always rule over manpower!

7. *Learnt more important skills*

I wish I knew how to write and update my CV/resume better. CV writing is not rocket science. A graduate who can’t write a CV? Did you graduate from a university in Pluto!?

8. *Passion*

I wish I found my passion and pursued it with all my heart.Passion is about following your heart … not stomach.

9. *Being nice*

I wish I knew that my roommates then were going to be the “big shots” of today. I should not have quarreled with them over Food. We shouldn’t have been at loggerheads because of petty stuff. I could have treated them better!

10. *Reality*

And … I wish I knew that I may never apply whatever I was taught in the lecture hall in real life. Thus, I had to pay more attention to how I could pass life’s exams … than school’s exams!


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