Neither should i

In my mind there is this,

A feeling, an urge am never at ease

Feeln I just wanna throw up ,just aches

In my stomach its worse,butterflies

 But where the hell am I getting this

This thing …………..they call it a name

 Think should have waited for  hr to get to me

Look, I was so naive

No feelings no thoughts  they were in deprive

    Now this is my story

Met under circumstances unclear

Felt solid stuff between us

In the fire place,laughed our stories away

Kissed the night away

Never new all that was screws

Never got to meet again…ever 

Till  days ago

Sure I had her in mind

Met again in the bus terminal with friends 

Tears and fears ….felt like she was gone for years

She was there ..way below me and I towering above her…

Twas perfect

We embraced, speechless ,motionless freezed corpses 

Then things were like they were before…..but for a while

But she couldn’t want to see me again

Let alone go for walks with yorghut in our hand

 The srew was painful

Wanted to drink dead all night and and….shouting to the whole world

But I could not… I was hurt 

Just sat here to write this piece

She doesn’t care anymore

Who cares

? Why should you care anyway?this a free world

If she no longer does… Neither should i

Poet – Akama Lewis Snr


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