My Gangster Fairytale

When i look at your face: i see through you
You know what i mean, its love that you  need
Complaining you aint getting it
you laughing, deep inside  , wanna cry
Hiding your feelings, the struggle you  aint winning
You just wanaa give up , late at night all alone you  wanna die
That heartbreak is slowly killing you
You promise to never fall in love anymore
You don’t wanna trust a man anymore
But girl all am asking is a minute of your life
To show you that am different even kodak cant picture
Iam a gentleman in between a million p- units
Gonna turn your heartbreaks into happiness
That heartache into loveliness
Gonna show you that i care,
Through your times of need I’ll be there
You know: take you out for dinner,
Surprise you on your birthday
Thats love given; i know am not perfect but for u am trying to b


What’s it gonna take to show u I’ll be there?
Ditch my hustle in the streets to be with you at home?
Stop being an OG to be a full time father?
I am ready to do anything for your love
What he never did I’ll do it to my best
Cause why should i put ua love to waste?
Loving you is like saving n I’ll let you have the interest
All you gonna do relax, forget bout the rest
Say goodbye to heartbreaks n heartaches
Welcome to a Gangstar’s fairytale.
Where there is no happy ever after
But i will ride and die for you
Where I’ll I’ll fix the broken pieces of your heart with glue
All it takes is a try :  I need love



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