Hey campus dude, this is why your  lady left you for a sponsor

Listening to such stories usually amuses me. Ati ohh that chille left me for a  sponsor.

 Today I chose to explain to my fellow campus dudes why campus ladies choose sponsors over you.

 Look at you… Always drunk and spending time in local joints not giving that chille time…Coming to see her only when you’re tipsy and ,mouth smelling foul like a rotten fish – you mixed all brands of alcohol …. Next time you get her in her room with  a guy the age of your dad , not even comrade’s power will help you.

  There are those dudes who prefer playing video games , betting and watching football in clubs instead of looking for simple side huxtkes to sustain your life and pay your bills.At the end of the day you bring your worn out body to your lady asking for supper…. You’re busy using another man’s money and over the weekend he’ll be on that room to redeem bongs points that’s when you’ll realize Dunia haipendi ujinga . Research and use that little cash your mum who is selling mboga gives you to start a side hustle and buy lunch to that lady you are seeing… 

     Ainea Bolingo,a columnist for The Nairobian notes those guys who run away from responsibility.By mistake your lady becomes pregnant you hibernate like Osama in Pakistan.The poor girl  is left to fend for herself and the baby, while you are at your mother’s Place only to resurface when you hear the little kid has a nose like yours.God is watching

Just concerned too… Hehe


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