I wish I was HIV negative,  I would be so careful with my life. I wouldn’t create  meals out of pre-marital sex, I would be so careful, I tell you.
I wish I had somethings to thank God for, I would set aside a time and thank Him. I would go to church the first person and thank Him so sincerely. I wish…
I wish I had 24 hours in a day, I would use it so well. Set aside some time to pray, work and relax.
I wish I had a smartphone, I would be using Whatsapp to share with others about the products I sell. I wouldn’t flirt, forward useless messages or blue-tick others.
I wish I had a laptop, I would try and get online jobs, so I would do them and stop auctioning my body to the highest bidder. 
I wish I had WiFi or bundles I would check on an online course and do. I would do research, learn on a number of areas and be a “consultant” in something
I wish I had a Facebook account, I would be writing things related to God’s purpose for my life. I would influence my friends to do good.
I wish I had a phone, of any kind. I would communicate with my parents daily. I would always keep in touch with my siblings. I wish. 
I wish I could do any work, I would try and get something to do even if it is just reading a book. I wish…
I wish I had a some food in my house, I would to the least invite the watchman for supper tonight!
I wish I was alive, I would value each day, serve God, others and invest in myself. 
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